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stYle nR.2

SaId ThE BlAcK MaN To ThE WhItE....

ThErE a BiG DiFfErEnt BeTWeEn YoU AnD Me
WhEn Im BoRn I`m BlAcK
WhEn I GrOw Up I`m BlAcK
WhEn I`m StIcK I`m BlAcK
WHeN I Go OuT tO ThE SuN I`m BlAcK
WhEn I`m CoLd I`m BlAcK
WhEn I`m DiE I`m BlAcK

BuT YoU.....

WHeN YoU`rE bOrN, YoU`rE PiNk
WHeN YoU GrOw Up YoU`rE WHiTe
WHeN YoU`rE SiCk YoU`rE GrEeN
WhEn YoU Go OuT To ThE SuN YoU`rE ReD
WhEn YoU`rE CoLd YoU`rE BlUe
WhEn YoU DiE YoUr PuRpLe

AnD YoU HaVe ThE FuCkInG NeRvE To CaLl Me CoLoUrD


...From now on,We are Enemies,You and I...

Metal will never die

΢h k h h h d w .΢h k h h b d trb br m⣚ k h H H gkh

..) .*).
(. (. .
. .*`- (. DiE SLlEt siCh Nid MeLdE..!
1.и kαεяzz
2.кεї вyzz вεя 18!!
3.и ђї вїαεzz я pεđ ωїђ ђї ммεи
4.кεї мαђ--zzz αвuяzzz
5.и pℓαчαzzz== damn... i ђαε i!!
2.9.06 16:18

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